I am PUMPED about today's installment of "Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer" because these two questions feature two things that clients sometimes feel, understandably, awkward and apprehensive about when they think of wedding and engagement photography. Many couples I've talked to in the past have almost let these unanswered questions dissuade them from having engagement photos taken and/or hiring a wedding photographer! (PS - If you missed last week's question and answer, "What is your heart behind wedding photography?" be sure to check it out HERE.)

2: How do you make us feel relaxed in front of the camera?

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YES. This might be my favorite question so far. This is literally the goal of every single shoot for me! My goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera and my favorite approach to this is to utilize movement. If you’re doing any kind of session with me, don’t expect to stand still the entire time. I love giving my couples actions and things to do, even if they might feel silly. Ultimately, posing through movement (going for a walk, tackling your loved one in a hug, whispering funny things in each other’s ear, practicing your first dance) lets my couples loosen up and (hopefully) forget for a moment that they’re getting their picture taken!

This is why I love engagement sessions – an engagement session gives you the chance to experience what it’s like to be in front of my camera before your wedding day! That way, on the day of your wedding you’re not worrying about how the photo portions are going to go, or stressing about what it’s going to be like.

Another tip I love to give to couples is to leave an ample amount of time for photos on their wedding day. This is especially true if a couple is going into a wedding day without already having an engagement session with me. Leaving extra time for photos puts less pressure on the two of you to move quickly and lets you enjoy being with each other without the added pressure of having to stick to a tight timeline.

3: How do you describe your shooting style? Are you laid back or aggressive? Do you tell the whole story of a day?

[Question taken and answered from this article.] 

My shooting style is a mix of hands-on and hands-off. I try to not be obtrusive during parts of the day where events are unfolding, like the bride getting into her dress, and most definitely during the ceremony. However, if I can interject during certain events like the buttoning of the dress to direct the bride to a nearby window for better light, I will most certainly do so.  The quality of your wedding photos are certainly of extreme importance, but so are the moments that happen while I’m quietly watching for them. It takes a balanced approach, and is different with every couple. It’s important to find someone who fits the “feel” of your wedding day.

I do shoot to tell the whole story of a day. Often, it’s the little moments – like the reactions to toasts, the flower girl sleeping on a chair during the reception, or the bride’s mom’s eyes welling up while her daughter is walking down the aisle that are often the most precious. My job is to look for those moments, and it’s one my favorite parts of doing what I do.


That's all for now, folks! Feel free to submit a question in the comments below to be answered in the following weeks!