Wedding photography is an extremely personal endeavor from start to finish. There are few other wedding vendors who spend the entire length of a wedding day with a couple from makeup and hair to the grand exit, which is why it's so important to really know who you're hiring - to know the why behind what they do! 

Often, when I have an initial meeting with a bride, we begin by talking about the relationship - how the couple met, how they got engaged, what they've planned so far for their wedding day, etc., and then jump straight into packages and looking at photo albums. Every so often, I'll find an extremely prepared bride with a list of questions from "The Knot," titled "Questions to Ask Photographers Before You Book." Let me be honest for a moment - I LOVE these brides... seriously. Staying prepared and organized with a list of questions is the best way make sure I don't miss any important information that should be shared about photographing your wedding day, and it lets brides get a good feel for all facets of what I have to offer.

However -

While many of these questions cover important logistics, such as shooting on film vs. digital and what's included in my packages, none of the questions seem to take things a step further. None of them seem to probe for things that are just as important - like how I help my couples feel relaxed in front of my camera, or even why I do what I do. None probe for a why. And though, if you're meeting with me, I'll be sure to tell you my why, it's so important to ask your other vendors their why, too. And why is that? Because you want someone who cares about your wedding day. (Well, maybe I can't speak for everyone. But I know I wanted people surrounding me on my wedding day who truly cared for Nick and I! Not just people who were showing up to perform a job and leave.)

I recently came across an article titled "Ten REAL Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer: Written by a Real Wedding Photographer," written by Kay from Kay English Photography. I love the idea of answering these questions so much for my brides that over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to release a weekly blog post answering a few of these questions, plus a few of my own, and a few from "The Knot" article! (Just to keep things interesting ;) ). My heart through this segment is to give my current brides (and future brides) the ability to get to know me, my services, and my heart behind what I do a little better! So without further ado - here is the first question and answer!

1: What is your heart behind wedding photography? Why do you photograph weddings? 

[Question by Jenna]

Firstly, I am a huge believer in marriage. There is something so precious about a commitment between two people to spend the rest of their lives together, learning how to better love each other every step of the way. I honestly hadn’t realized my true heart behind it until I married my best friend back in August of 2015. I know it sounds cliché, but when we received our images back from our engagement photographer, and later from our wedding photographer, I realized what I was really providing for my clients: I was providing reminders of our commitment, encouragement for the not-so-easy days, and mementos of the love we share – and those three things are truly priceless.

Secondly, I love the opportunity I have to serve and encourage my brides throughout the wedding process and throughout the wedding day. I LOVE the opportunity I have to love the crap out of my couples and to find ways to make their experience (and their day) extra special.

Lastly, I love capturing the story of the relationship and of the day. While every wedding has the same general framework and timeline, each is so unique in its own way, and I love the challenge and excitement of figuring out the best possible way to showcase a couple’s day through the photographs.


Stay tuned for more answered questions next week! If you'd like to submit a question to have answered, feel free to leave it in the comments below!