Shannon and Kyle had a beautiful barn wedding (complete with handmade decorations by the bride) in Parker, Pennsylvania in early August. This wedding was special for quite a few reasons - but the most important being that Kyle is Nick's (my boyfriend) brother! It was an honor to be chosen to capture their big day. Congratulations Shannon and Kyle, your day was beautiful! 2013-10-07_0028.jpg 2013-10-07_0029.jpg 2013-10-07_0027.jpg 2013-10-07_0033.jpg 2013-10-07_0030.jpg 2013-10-07_0031.jpg 2013-10-07_0032.jpg 2013-10-07_0025.jpg 2013-10-07_0026.jpg 2013-10-07_0024.jpg 2013-10-07_0034.jpg 2013-10-07_0020.jpg 2013-10-07_0021.jpg 2013-10-07_0022.jpg 2013-10-07_0035.jpg 2013-10-07_0023.jpg 2013-10-07_0036.jpg 2013-10-07_0019.jpg 2013-10-07_0016.jpg 2013-10-07_0017.jpg 2013-10-07_0018.jpg 2013-10-07_0014.jpg 2013-10-07_0037.jpg 2013-10-07_0038.jpg 2013-10-07_0015.jpg