Let me just start out by saying that fall is my absolute favorite season! So, obviously - I was completely stoked when Becca contacted me early summer asking if we could wait until fall for her and Zac's engagement shoot! The shoot took place at Soergel's Orchard in Wexford, PA on a gorgeous, sunny morning. Becca and Zac made my job easy - they are so natural with each other and in front of the camera. Thanks for a great shoot, and best of luck to the two of you! 2013-10-07_0002.jpg 2013-10-07_0005.jpg 2013-10-07_0001.jpg 2013-10-07_0007.jpg 2013-10-07_0003.jpg 2013-10-07_0004.jpg 2013-10-07_0010.jpg 2013-10-07_0011.jpg 2013-10-07_0006.jpg 2013-10-07_0008.jpg 2013-10-07_0012.jpg 2013-10-07_0009.jpg