Ed reached out to me almost two months before he was planning on proposing to his then girlfriend, now fiancé, Meghan. The plans changed throughout the months, but after dating for a year and a half, one thing remained the same: Ed was so ready to pop the question and ask Meghan to embark on a new adventure: marriage!

After a few different ideas, Ed landed on a plan: dinner at Texas de Brazil at Station Square, then a walk along the riverwalk, where he would pretend to be taking photos of Meghan, have her turn around towards the skyline, pull out the ring, then have her look back at the camera, where he would be waiting, down on one knee (which was the perfect cover plan, since Ed is a photographer as well!). For two Pittsburgh lovers, the spot was PERFECT!

The week of the proposal, though, Pittsburgh threw us a curveball: flooding, severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes (oh my!). There were talks of potentially changing the date, but in the end, Ed was all in for keeping things as they were - regardless of the weather (like a true Pittsburgh champ!).

The day of the proposal came around, and Nick and I had made it to Station Square, even though 79 was partially shut down! Upon our arrival, we scoped out the scene, and then heard some loud beeping coming from our phones, signaling warnings for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes heading our way. We huddled under a covering and waited, wondering what the weather would look like when Ed and Meghan made their way out to the Station Square canopy overlooking the skyline!

It was raining rather hard when we first caught a glimpse of them. Thankfully, Nick was there to hold an umbrella for me, and we casually strolled around the fountain at Station Square, pretending to be tourists taking photos of the skyline (Meghan will have to tell us if we actually looked like tourists, though 😉). As soon as Ed turned Meghan towards the skyline, we ran over to catch the moment where she turned back around in utter shock and excitement! And then, not 30 seconds after Ed proposed, the sky completely cleared, and the sun came out. And it stayed that way for the remainder of the evening.

Ed and Meghan, it was an incredible honor to document this moment for you both. Congratulations on your engagement! 💛