Epic night photos aren’t always a possibility with every wedding, due to variables like location and timeline, but when epic night shots ARE able to happen at a wedding?! They are MAGIC. And because I love them so, I wanted to share a few of my favorite “epic night shots” with you today!

If you are interested a night photo like one of these below at your wedding, here are a few quick tips:

  • Make sure your photography coverage lasts past sunset. These photos are possible after the sun goes down, when it gets dark!

  • Make sure both you and your new-spouse are okay with leaving your reception for a few minutes. It’s always helpful for both parties to talk about leaving the reception for a few minutes beforehand, so there are no surprises!

  • Make sure either you or your photographer lets your DJ know that you’ll be leaving for a few minutes. The very first time I ever set up an “epic night shot” I completely forgot to tell the DJ, and everyone panicked because the DJ announced the garter and bouquet toss, and no one knew where the couple had went! It’s safe to say that I ALWAYS talk with the DJ now before pulling a couple away for a night photo!

And without further ado… below are a few examples of some of my all time favorite night shots! 💛