One of the biggest questions I get from other photographers is: how do you make the time to blog so many of your sessions and weddings?

Even though the question might be asked as a “how?” I’ve found the ability to remain consistent with my blogging in my “why.” Keeping my why(s) at the forefront of my attention when it comes to blogging has allowed me to continue to blog my sessions consistently for almost four straight years.

 If you’re looking for a how, I challenge you to first redefine your why behind blogging. Below are four of the top reasons why I continue to blog almost every senior, family and wedding!

1.     Blogging makes clients feel important and loved.

How do I know this? Because I have been the person on the receiving end of photos (and blog posts!). When our engagement photos, wedding photos, and anniversary photos were blogged – I felt SO excited and honored that my photographer thought they were worthy of being shared! I know that quite a few JHP clients feel the same way, because they’ve literally gone out of their way to tell me so!

2.     It’s an easy way to share the “highlights” with their friends and family!

Scrolling through a dozen (or a few dozen) images in a blog post is quicker and easier than looking through a gallery of a few hundred images. Not to mention, friends and family members could be potential customers who might need their photo taken someday! I like to view each of my blog posts as a mini portfolio that has the potential to reach the friends and family of whoever is in the blog post in a more personal way.

3.     It allows clients to see the best (or my favorite!) images first, (hopefully) making them more excited!

A blog post should include the best of the best, telling the story of a wedding day or a session. Seeing the very best of their gallery first heightens their excitement to see the rest of the gallery and sets a positive tone from the get-go!

4.     It helps with SEO and with getting people to your website!

I’m no expert on SEO, but what I do know is this: Google likes new content, and a blog post is a great way to add new content to my website! Sharing client sessions is a great way to build SEO for your local area and (hopefully!) get more clients who are looking for a similar service/product!

If you are looking to start blogging more, my encouragement to you would be to start small. Don’t feel like you have to start blogging all of your sessions at once with multiple blog posts per week. Start with one every week, and then increase your consistency as you start to find a rhythm that feels right for you. Remember: “The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.”

I’m rooting for you!