Dressing for a winter photo session can be tricky! You want to stay warm, but you want to look good. Really, the key to dressing for a winter photo session is to be flexible. If you happen to be a native to the Pittsburgh area (or to any colder weather area!), you know how unpredictable winter can be. Here in Pittsburgh, it could be 50 degrees one day, and 20 the next – and trust me, when it’s below freezing, you do not want to be getting your photo taken with just a shirt and a pair of pants on. You’re going to need a bit more to make sure you don’t freeze to death!

Below are a few of my top tips for dressing for your winter photo session! 


Now is the time to pull out your strongest layering game! Lucky for you, not only will wearing layers in your photos keep you warm, but they look so good and add a lot of visual interest to a photograph! Try layering a collared shirt with a sweater, or a nice sweatshirt with a jacket, or a sweater dress with a blanket scarf. Below are a few of my favorite ways clients have utilized layering for colder season sessions in the past!


Choosing Outfits for a Winter Photo Session.jpg

Hidden layers can be powerful when it comes to having your photo taken in the winter. The key? Be careful where you put those extra layers. Putting on extra socks? GREAT idea! Layer those babies up, because they won’t change your body visually in front of the camera. However, try not to go too bulky. For example, if you are planning on wearing a winter coat with some layers underneath for your session, try to choose a coat that accentuates your waist with a belt or seaming. This will accentuate the smallest part of your waist and give your body shape in front of the camera!

Oh, and shove hotties (hand warmers) wherever the heck they will go! In your shoes, in your pockets - if you’re wearing a skirt with leggings underneath, tape them to your legs! This is all about survival, people!


Pull out your winter hats, scarves, boots, mittens, and socks, or use your photo session as the perfect excuse to buy a cute new coat and/or boots! If you’re having your photos taken during winter, it’s completely appropriate to dress like it’s winter! Some of my favorite outfits from winter photo sessions are those that embrace the winter garb and use accessories to their advantage - like the ones below!

All and all, just remember: if you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, chances are, you will look uncomfortable. And if you’re investing in photos… it’s worth it to try to stay comfortable, and in the cold, stay warm!

In need of a little more winter outfit inspiration? I created a Pinterest Board with some of my favorite winter outfits for seniors, couples, and families - click the link below to check it out!