We arrived at the Pennsylvanian early the day of Elizabeth and Jason’s wedding to drop off our equipment. As we gathered our light stands and sandbags, I looked up into the rotunda of the Pennsylvanian and felt a familiar sense of wonder at it’s unique beauty. Built in 1900 as Pittsburgh’s Union Station, this building has remained a place that draws all types of people from all walks of life - then, as a train station, now, as an event venue (and apartment!). And, of course, this venue was THE perfect fit for Elizabeth and Jason, who currently live in Chicago, and had people from lots of different areas joining them to celebrate their marriage.

One of my absolute favorite touches from Elizabeth and Jason’s ceremony was the location of their ceremony. Right under the front rotunda in the photo you see below, there’s a pillar with the word “Chicago” written over top. To the left of the Chicago pillar, there’s a pillar that says “Pittsburgh” overtop, and to the right of the Chicago pillar, one that says “New York.” Elizabeth and Jason are from Chicago (as I mentioned before), both went to the same school (NYU) in New York (they didn’t know each other at the time - but what an amazing coincidence!), and tied the knot in Pittsburgh. So, of course, it was perfectly fitting to have their ceremony right under the Chicago pillar! It seems like that venue was made JUST for them! And it’s not only where they had their ceremony that paid homage to their journey - but the colors they chose for their wedding, too! Purple and silver are NYU’s colors, perfectly symbolizing a large point of connection in their relationship!

We had an absolute blast photographing these two (even in the crazy Pittsburgh heat and humidity!) and are so thankful to have been a part of their day! Congratulations, Elizabeth and Jason! 💛


Ceremony & Reception: The Pennsylvanian

Hotel Accommodations: The Westin Hotel

Catering: Rania’s Catering

Invitations: Minted

Bride’s Dress: Honey Bridal in Chicago; gown designed by Rebecca Shoneveld

Hair: Elisha Evans Styling

Makeup: Mock Makeup (Danielle Mock)

DJ: Jeremy Ganss Productions

Florist: Bloomer’s Floral

Videographer: Dorosh Documentaries

Pennsylvanian Wedding Photos provided by Jenna Hidinger Photography