In my house, we grew up with a Bichon Frise named “Chip” (named after Chip from Beauty & the Beast, of course!) who was much more like a family member than an actual dog – ha! He had prime real estate on the couch, had his own mini burger made for him when we had a cook out, and loved taking rides in the car (my dad would drive him around the neighborhood if he hadn’t gotten a ride in a while!).

I always love when couples decide to bring their dog to their engagement session, and throughout the years I’ve collected a few helpful tips for making an engagement session smoother with a dog! So if you’re planning on bringing your furry friend to your engagement session, check out the tips below:


 1.  Bring an additional person with you to help.

As owners, we love our dogs – really, they’re like our little fur children! And more than anything we want to make sure they’re well taken care of, which is why I always love to recommend bringing an extra person to help with your pup. Having someone else at the session to walk or play with your dog while you get a few photos without them can be incredibly helpful!

2.  Have someone pick up/drop off your dog part of the way through the session.

This is actually my favorite option over my #1 tip for a couple of reasons: your dog won’t have to sit through your entire photo session. You’ll be able to relax knowing they are well taken care of. There’s no temptation to check on them throughout the session. Whether dog owners realize it or not, whenever their dog is sitting off to the side on the sidelines of a photo, they tend to constantly be checking to make sure they’re okay. Of course – that’s only natural! But having someone physically take your dog to another location will allow you to focus on spending time with your significant other without worrying what your pup might be up to!

3.  Bring treats and/or a favorite toy.

The BEST way to get a dog’s attention is to have a treat or toy handy! Getting a dog to look at the camera for any length of time can be pretty challenging without! Bonus points for a toy with a squeaker, so I don’t have to bark ;)


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