It was a crisp, cool day near the end of March when we met Emily and Brady for their engagement photos on the North Shore of Pittsburgh. As my first "spring" engagement session of the year, I was so excited to get back into the swing of things - after a long season in 2017, I took a couple of months off to rest, travel, and regain some much needed perspective heading into this season.

These two went to the same tiny college, but didn't meet until after they had already graduated. Brady proposed on the Rachel Carson bridge, which is literally a ten second walk from Emily's apartment complex - so, of course, we had to visit the bridge as the grand finale for their engagement session!

I am so thankful that Emily and Brady were my first session of the year! Despite their nerves, I couldn't find one ounce of uncomfortableness during their photo session while they were in front of the camera - what I think I loved most about these two is just their general naturalness together. They're not just fiance and fiance - it's easy to tell that they're truly best friends, which made them so incredibly easy to photograph!

Can't wait to see you two again in July! :)