The day my now-husband proposed to me was a BLUR. From start to finish, I could hardly remember the whole ordeal (it was a lip-dub proposal, so it lasted a bit longer than a typical proposal!). Two of the things I am most thankful for from that day are this video, and the photos that were taken by our photographer. To look back on that video and on those photos and see the raw emotion makes me cry every. Single. Time. I couldn’t be more thankful for that gift and that Nick thought through not only hiring a photographer, but also a videographer!

 If you are planning on proposing – first, congratulations! And second: consider hiring a professional photographer. From the perspective of someone who was proposed to and from someone who talks to many engaged couples, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider hiring a professional proposal photographer:

1.  Your soon-to-be fiancé will thank you!

One of the BIGGEST comments I hear from my brides who don’t have photos of their proposal is “I wish we had photos of when it happened!” And the second biggest? “I wish we had GOOD photos of when he proposed!” Trust me: your fiancé will thank you! There’s nothing like being able to go back and revisit that raw, candid emotion!

2.  You’ll have photos from the moment to share with your friends and family!

If you’re planning on having the moment between just the two of you, you’ll be able to share the emotion and excitement with your friends and family who didn’t get to witness!

3.  A professional photographer can help you plan and give you tips!

A professional photographer will be able to help you find a great spot, give you tips on the best time of day to shoot, and are pros at remaining inconspicuous and maneuvering in crowded locations with unforeseen disruptions. These photos are SO important. Make sure you find someone who will do whatever they possibly can to get the shot!

4.  You can use the photos for your wedding!

What’s better than having the very beginning of this new adventure captured to use as Save the Dates, in a guest book, or as décor at the wedding itself?!


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