I’ve been to Indiana, PA twice - once before for a wedding, and the second time was to photograph these two for their engagement photos! And it was completely and totally worth the trip! 💛 Amy and Anthony met while attending IUP (see more from Amy’s recount of their story below!) and got engaged on a trip to Florida last fall! One of my favorite little details I learned about these two is that Anthony took Amy (on their first date) to the same restaurant that Anthony’s dad took Anthony’s mom to on their first date 😭 Talk about special!

Besides their love for coffee and cars, these two love traveling and being adventurous together! One of their more adventurous dates included zip-lining over the ocean and swimming with dolphins. They’ve also backpacked around Switzerland, where they “scootered” down the alps! Even in the midst of all of their adventuring, I couldn’t help but get the sense that these two truly love and care not only for each other, but for the people around them. They are two incredibly kind and down-to-earth people who I feel so privileged to know!

Amy and Anthony, thank you for the incredible honor of taking these photos for you! I cannot WAIT for your wedding!! 💛

How they met:

“IUP hosts a mandatory pre-departure meeting for all students studying abroad. We both studied abroad in Spring 2014 -myself in Spain and Anthony in England. Due to an error (or some may call it fate) in the seating chart, my assigned seat was at the England table, right next to Anthony. We talked the whole meeting and then left and went our separate ways, without talking or communicating in any way again. Then on my first night back in Indiana in August 2014, I was out catching up with a friend and Anthony walked into the restaurant. It turns out that the friend I was out with was a mutual friend of both mine and Anthony's, so Anthony sat down with us for awhile. We hit it off again, but this time we weren't studying abroad, so we've been almost inseparable ever since.”