Throughout the past couple of years, I’ve learned the value of a single question. Suggestions can be made and help can be offered, but there’s nothing like a question to get someone’s imagination moving all on its own! So today, I want to ask you some intentional questions to help you find a unique and personal location for your senior photos! So without further ado:

1.     What are your plans after college?

Hang with me on this one – don’t close out of this post yet! As a high school senior, you probably get this question fifty times a day, but by asking this question, you can effectively consider two unique options for senior photos: the profession you’re leaning towards and the school you might want to attend (if you plan on attending school). I’ve had seniors incorporate elements of their intended majors into their session, such as nursing, business, teaching, history, music, and art. I’ve also had seniors literally choose a location based on their choice to attend school there (such as Pitt, Geneva, Westminster, and other surrounding schools).

2.     Where do you like to hang out?

Do you visit the same coffee shop every day after school? Is there a small town you love to shop in? Is there a park you grew up visiting with your family that has special meaning to you? Or, alternatively, is there a place you’ve always wanted to explore but have never had a reason to? Asking these types of questions can provide insight as to what type of scenery or backdrop might suit you best!

3.     Do you have any after school activities? (Sports, instruments, musical theatre, etc.)

Some seniors choose to incorporate a location that shows off the skills they’ve developed throughout high school – I’ve photographed seniors on baseball fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, in theatres, and the like. All make unique options for a location setting!

4.     Do you have any long-standing hobbies?

Do you love rock climbing? (McConnell’s has some epic rock walls that look awesome in portraits!) Or maybe you’re into fishing (ever though about having your photos taken next to a lake or on a canoe?). Or maybe you just LOVE nature and can’t get enough of the Phipp’s flower shows (they have some beautiful outdoor locations!). Whatever your hobby is, there are lots of options that can be considered and connected to a potential location!

5.     Do you have any friends, family members, or acquaintances who have connections to an interesting or scenic location?

You would be surprised at how far one small personal connection can go! Having a friend or family member who works at a country club, garden, historical building, farm, or location downtown can open the door to a unique location for portraits! Sometimes even your own backyard can be the perfect spot for a photo session!

I hope this blog post has helped you start thinking differently about location choices for your senior session! While it’s easy to choose a pretty location for photos, sometimes it can be fun to put in a little extra thought and time to make your photos even more personal to you! However, if you’re still having some trouble narrowing down the perfect spot, check out a few of my favorite blog posts: My Favorite Senior Session Locations for Girls, and My Favorite Senior Session Locations for Guys. For more location ideas, be sure to check out some of my most recent work on Instagram!