Everyone knows a couple who seem to be made for each other in every way. The chemistry is undeniable. Their love is contagious - Amy and Mike are one of those couples! I met up with these two at Phipp's Conservatory, where I heard all about Amy and Mike's love for Olive Garden breadsticks, Bravo, Rita's, and minions (ummmm, does it get much better than that?!)! We spent time walking around Phipp's and Schenley Park and caught some beautiful light during golden hour.

While we were walking, we came across a little cafe with tables and chairs - which I knew immediately we had to use, because one of Mike and Amy's favorite things to do together is to go out to eat (no wonder we connected so well! ;) ). I love finding ways to make slight nods to a couple's hobbies, loves, and interests! Without further ado, enjoy a few of my favorite images from Amy and Mike's Pittsburgh summer engagement session!