Every once in a while, various wedding professionals in the Pittsburgh area hold get togethers for other vendors in the industry. The first industry even I ever went to took place at the Renaissance Pittsburgh and was hosted by local wedding blog Lace & Loyalty. Upon arriving, we (me, my husband, and friend Sara) were introduced to a couple who had THE best ice-breaker story about the husband, Nazari, and his middle name (which is Megatron, BTW - talk about an epic story!). We quickly connected with these two and learned that they were the videographers (and photographers) behind Dorosh Documentaries (which you should go check out RIGHT NOW because their work is AMAZING!).

Now - there is one thing you need to know about these two, and I can't over exaggerate this: they are the kindest, most humble and genuine people you will probably ever meet. Their love for each other and desire for growth, encouragement, and authenticity in their life, their marriage, and work is so prevalent in everything they do. And because of the amazing people they are and the amazing work they do, I was so honored when they asked me to take 6 year anniversary portraits for them!

You might've heard the famous saying "the shoemaker's children go barefoot" - well, the videographer/photographer husband-wife team go without photos of themselves! During their session, Elisabeth told me that they hadn't had a professional photo session in nearly 6 years (since their wedding day!!) - which I can totally relate to! It's so easy to think "I'll wait until I have kids to have photos taken," or "I'll wait until my kids grow up to schedule a photo session." Heck no. Your future kids deserve beautiful photos of their parents - in love! They deserve to see the way you interacted, the way you looked at each other, the way you were goofy and silly with each other. And your future grandkids? They want to see those photos, too, because deep down, we all want to know where we came from and whose legacy we are continuing.

To Nazari and Elisabeth - I hope these photos are a reminder of your love. I hope they encourage you and remind you of all of the ways that Christ has so richly blessed your love, marriage, and faithfulness to him. You guys are inspiring!