Have you ever heard of horse "barrel racing?" If not, you should definitely go check it out - it's where a horse and its rider literally races around a set of barrels as fast as they can possibly go - it's mesmerizing to watch! And this lady, Mikayla, has been barrel racing for a number of years with her two horses, Sierra and Gypsy. I had the opportunity to photograph the three of them at Maple Lee Farm in Washington, PA a few short weeks ago!

I'm not sure I even told Mikayla during her session, but I've always been slightly terrified of horses. When I was eight years old, one went a little crazy and bucked me off after galloping into the woods, away from the little line we were walking so carefully and so slowly in. Even when I went to Ireland a few years ago and went horse back riding on the beach, I requested the slowest, most gentle horse - who ended up having a limp and trailing behind the line of horses by about 20 yards for the majority of the experience (ha!). Regardless, Sierra and Gypsy (Mikayla's horses) were two of the most well behaved, gentle beasts I have ever met, and I'm happy to report that this session might've helped me conquer my fear (thanks Mikayla!).

Without further ado, here are just a few of my favorite highlights from Mikayla's Maple Lee Farm session!