Wedding photography (and photography in general) can sometimes be seen as a glamorous “picture perfect” profession (pun intended). Sure, there a lot of fun, glamorous parts of wedding photography - like the out-of-this-world venues, perfect light, cookie tables, and fantastic cakes (I’m hungry, can you tell?). But nothing is perfect, even if the photos might make things look that way. So today, I want to share my top embarrassing/funny moments from my photography career thus far – the not so picturesque side of what I do. But really, I just want to promote the fact that we’re all human. We all make mistakes, we all have embarrassing stories, and we all have moments we can look back on and (now) laugh at! So without further ado, here are my top 6 funniest/most embarrassing moments on the job:

1.  A Bird Pooped on my Head

Once, right before one of my engagement sessions was going to begin, a bird pooped on my head. And this wasn’t just a little bit of bird crap. This was a giant, heaping, hot pile of bird crap. That’s right, folks – this is real life.

2.  Laid in Goose Poop

During an engagement session last summer, while I was trying to lay down on the ground to get a different perspective, and laid right in a heap of goose poop. It was all over my pants.

3.  Got Caught Facebook Creeping

When I schedule a consultation with a couple to discuss the possibility of photographing their wedding, I usually look them up on social media so I know what they look like (and can flag them down) before the meeting. On this particular occasion at this particular meeting, I looked up the bride at our meeting location, then clicked the lock button and set my phone on the table. During our meeting, I went to open my phone to look up a photo to show, and BAM – there was the bride’s Facebook page, open on my phone… and they, without a doubt, saw that I had been creeping, because my phone was face up on the table between us!

4.  Stepped on the Dress

During a beautiful bubble ceremony exit from the church, I accidentally stepped on the tail edge of bride’s dress. In front of all of her guests.

5.  Walked into an Invisible Wall

The other day, right after a meeting with one of the sweetest couples at one of my favorite wedding venues (the Omni William Penn Hotel), I walked straight into a glass wall, face first… with my couple still sitting there watching it unfold!

6.  Fell Victim to a Groomsmen Prank

Every once in a while, I photograph weddings with other photographers as a “second shooter” – basically, to aid the main photographer on the wedding day. Typically, while the main photographer is photographing the bride and the bridal party, the second photographer photographs the groom and the groomsmen. Once, when I was working with another photographer and had arrived to photograph the groom and groomsmen in their hotel suite, the groomsmen introduced me to the “groom” and let me believe that he WAS the groom for 15 minutes… before the actual groom walked in. -_-

So there they are. My top 6 most embarrassing / funny moments that have happened to me on the job! Other photographers & wedding vendors – don’t leave me hanging, bearing my embarrassed soul alone. What is one of your most embarrassing / funniest moments from a wedding, event, or photo session?!