My first date with my now husband, Nick took place over NINE years ago when we were both only fifteen years old. We started dating in August of 2008 and never looked back! One of my favorite stories to tell about our relationship is our first date because it is absolutely ridiculous! But why, you may ask?

Our first date included all of the clichés that you might expect from a first time high school date – my dad, literally cleaning his guns on his kitchen island (I was so embarrassed!!), Nick’s mom, driving us around telling embarrassing stories from when he was a kid (which just made me like him more! ;) ), and us getting scolded by the waitress for trying to order an alcoholic beverage that we just thought was just a milkshake (it was a mudslide, in case you were wondering) are just a few of my favorite memories from that first date! 

Maybe that last one’s not much of a cliché, but it’s pretty hilarious if you would’ve known us in high school – probably the last underage kids in the world who would’ve tried to order alcohol! I have to say, I feel like some of our seemingly most embarrassing moments we’ve experience together have turned into some of my favorite memories.