Oh my goodness, how I love these three! You might recognize Brianna and Brandon from their new home session! I also had the honor of photographing their pregnancy announcement with the little guy who's pictured in the banner above - meet their son, Will, who turns one year old this month! This little guy was one of the best kids I've ever photographed in front of my lens. For being one year old, he was SO well behaved throughout the entire shoot! I was so impressed!!

I also have to give a major thanks to Brandon and Brianna for having me take these photos. It's always an honor to photograph couples and families throughout the years as their families grow - and that statement rings especially true when I think of these two, who truly value photography and reliving/printing their memories. And seriously, aren't they the cutest?! Thank you to you three for your constant support and encouragement of this business that God has given me! I so appreciate you!