One of my favorite parts about being a wedding photographer is hearing about the history behind the relationship. In this case, I didn't just get to hear about it - I got to see it, too! Tess & Phil met a few years back when they were both camp counselors at Seneca Hills Bible Camp in Polk, PA. So, of course, when Tess and I were brainstorming ideas for possible locations, the camp came up as a contender (and won)! At Seneca Hills, we visited so many spots important to their dating history, including the cafeteria where they used to sneak each other notes during dinner (under the dinner plate) and the tree that Phil had carved their names into. I love these two, their energy, and the commitment they're making to each other this summer. Not to mention the friendships that have resulted as a part of knowing this sweet couple! Congratulations, Tess & Phil - we can't wait for the wedding!!

Jenna Hidinger Photography is a wedding photographer located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who has a passion for authentically capturing love stories.