The morning after I got engaged, I remember going for a run and being distracted by my new glittering engagement ring. I also remember wondering how long the shine would last – and the answer, of course, was not very long! Within a few weeks, I noticed my ring wasn’t sparkling quite so brightly and needed a bit of a cleaning. If you’re a do-it-yourself person like me, you might be wondering if there is a way to clean your engagement ring at home. And lucky for you, there is! Here are the steps to safely cleaning your engagement ring on your own time:

1.     Fill a cup or bowl with warm water.

2.     Add a few drops of dish soap.

3.     Soak for 5 minutes.

4.     Scrub gently with an unused toothbrush.

5.     Rinse the ring in warm water.

6.     Use a soft cloth to wipe dry.

7.     Repeat every six or so weeks.

And voila – your ring is back to distracting you on your morning run! Have a tip for cleaning an engagement ring at home? Leave it in the comments below!