"That's the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up." - Walt Disney

For those of you who don't know me very well, I'm a huge Disney fan - not just of the cartoon movies, the theme parks (check out the photo to the right of my husband and I on one of our favorite Disney rides on our honeymoon this past August!), or the magic (though all of that is great too) - but of the man himself, Walt Disney. I admire his optimism, willingness to be flexible and think of the impossible in the midst of uncertainty, along with his desire to improve the lives of his family, his friends, and his world. In Walt's day, theme parks were dirty, unsafe, and not very entertaining for parents carting their children from one ride to the next. One day while he was sitting on a bench inside one of those filthy amusement parks, he began dreaming of a place where children and parents alike could enjoy a day of fun together in a clean, safe environment. A super amusement park, if you will - something that had never been done before in his time. Sure enough, his vision quickly caught fire with the opening of his first theme park, "Walt Disney Land" in California, and later with "Walt Disney World" in Florida.

We believe that family photos can, and should be fun. 

Gone are the days of dressing your family in white polos and khakis, driving to the nearest studio and holding awkward positions under studio lights, while your kids fidget and cry for it to be over. Family photos are an experience, and much like Disney with his theme parks, we want to create a safe place where your family can create memories. After all, we're not just in the business of capturing memories - we're in the business of creating them. Whether it's tickling your kids while they squirm in your arms, going for a walk, blowing bubbles or splashing around in a fountain - we're in pursuit of fun. And I'm sure that those we've photographed will agree - the unposed, unexpected, not-so-perfect photos that are full of emotion and life are just as, if not more precious than the perfectly posed ones.