Five years ago, my high school (Eden Christian Academy) put on a production of the musical "Annie." Somehow, I landed the part of Miss Hannigan: a mean, crazy lady who ran an orphanage for girls in New York. During the musical, I was able to bond with a small group of middle school girls who were cast as my orphans. Lauren G. was cast as "Molly," the youngest orphan and Annie's best friend. Over the past few years, I've had the privilege of taking senior photos for quite a few of my orphans who I love, but it's hard to believe I'm finally taking photos for the youngest (Molly), who's a graduating senior this upcoming year! Besides being "Molly" many years ago in "Annie," Lauren is an extremely accomplished runner (check out her sweet shoes below), so we decided to take photos at one of her favorite running spots - North Park! 

It was an honor to take your senior photos, not-so-little Molly! You are a wonderful human being and you are going to do awesome things.