I don't shoot down in Pittsburgh often, but when I do, I always LOVE the results. Kalena is a true Pittsburgh girl, so when we started planning her session, she knew she wanted scenery that was specific to Pittsburgh. What better places to shoot than Phipp's Conservatory and the Cathedral of Learning! We had so much fun walking around Oakland with Kalena, and wish her all the best as she heads into her senior year! 2014-08-21_0006.jpg 2014-08-21_0003.jpg 2014-08-21_0004.jpg 2014-08-21_0002.jpg 2014-08-21_0005.jpg 2014-08-21_0001.jpg 2014-08-21_0007.jpg 2014-08-21_0008.jpg 2014-08-21_0009.jpg 2014-08-21_0010.jpg 2014-08-21_0013.jpg 2014-08-21_0011.jpg 2014-08-21_0012.jpg 2014-08-21_0014.jpg 2014-08-21_0015.jpg 2014-08-21_0016.jpg 2014-08-21_0017.jpg 2014-08-21_0018.jpg 2014-08-21_0019.jpg 2014-08-21_0020.jpg 2014-08-21_0021.jpg 2014-08-21_0022.jpg 2014-08-21_0023.jpg 2014-08-21_0024.jpg 2014-08-21_0027.jpg 2014-08-21_0028.jpg 2014-08-21_0025.jpg 2014-08-21_0026.jpg 2014-08-21_0029.jpg 2014-08-21_0032.jpg 2014-08-21_0031.jpg 2014-08-21_0030.jpg