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Introducing Spring Photo Mini Sessions 2019!


Introducing Spring Photo Mini Sessions 2019!

Spring is almost upon us - which means so are spring mini sessions! This year, JHP spring mini sessions will be held in one of my favorite colorful locations: Historic Harmony!

Historic Harmony is a revitalized German town that dates back to the early 1800’s. Over the course of history, this town has had many ups and downs, but now is the perfect spot to explore with multiple bakeries, a coffee & crepe shop, restaurants, a museum, antique stores, and more!



I chose this spot specifically for a couple of reasons. First - I live in the neighboring town, Zelienople, and can walk to Harmony (best thing ever!). I’m a big fan of historic, colorful buildings and have a strong affinity for small town life. It has a special place in my heart! Second - I’m slightly obsessed with the bright colors for photos! Blues, reds, whites, yellows, and greens all line the streets, making it a beautiful place for photos with tons of variety!


These sessions are perfect for…

  • Families (Perfect for those with young ones who don’t have a long attention span, and for families who have a senior leaving for college in the fall!)

  • Seniors

  • Couples (Engagement, anniversary, or just for fun!)

  • Updated headshots (Read: Why you should have a killer LinkedIn headshot)

  • Just the siblings (Mother’s day is coming up!)

  • Just the grandkids (Again - mother’s day is coming up!)

  • And pretty much anything else you can think of!

*Mini sessions make the perfect gift, too! If you’re interested in gifting a mini session to someone, feel free to email me directly at



  • 20 minutes of on location photography around Harmony

  • 5 to 10 high resolution, digital files delivered via an online gallery

  • A print release, allowing you to print your photos wherever you would like!


Each time slot is priced at $250, plus 6% sales tax. This includes the time of the session, the post-production work, your online gallery, and your high resolution files!

Spring mini sessions are only offered once or twice a year, so now is the time to take advantage of these smaller sessions! If you are interested in booking, follow the link below to claim your spot! 💛 OR, if you would be interested in a full family, senior or couple session, use the “Contact” tab above to reach out for more pricing and information!

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 2.49.51 PM.png



Julia + Thomas | Hyeholde Restaurant Wedding Photography

Julia and Thomas tied the knot in mid-August with a sweet, emotional ceremony at the Hyeholde Restaurant in Coraopolis. Most of their guests were from out of town (Taiwan, China, Philippines, Switzerland, Texas - just to name a few places), and it was easy to see the love and support surrounding this couple from their friends and family throughout the entire day, and we were so blessed to have been a part of it. Congratulations to the newlyweds, and God bless! We love you guys. Venue: Hyeholde Restaurant Makeup and Hair: My Image

2014-09-05_0003.jpg 2014-09-05_0002.jpg 2014-09-05_0001.jpg 2014-09-05_0004.jpg 2014-09-05_0005.jpg 2014-09-05_0006.jpg 2014-09-05_0007.jpg 2014-09-05_0008.jpg 2014-09-05_0009.jpg 2014-09-05_0010.jpg 2014-09-05_0011.jpg 2014-09-05_0012.jpg 2014-09-05_0013.jpg 2014-09-05_0014.jpg 2014-09-05_0015.jpg 2014-09-05_0016.jpg 2014-09-05_0017.jpg 2014-09-05_0018.jpg 2014-09-05_0019.jpg 2014-09-05_0020.jpg 2014-09-05_0021.jpg 2014-09-05_0022.jpg 2014-09-05_0025.jpg 2014-09-05_0023.jpg 2014-09-05_0024.jpg 2014-09-05_0026.jpg 2014-09-05_0028.jpg 2014-09-05_0029.jpg 2014-09-05_0030.jpg 2014-09-05_0031.jpg 2014-09-05_0032.jpg 2014-09-05_0033.jpg 2014-09-05_0034.jpg 2014-09-05_0035.jpg 2014-09-05_0036.jpg 2014-09-05_0037.jpg 2014-09-05_0038.jpg 2014-09-05_0041.jpg 2014-09-05_0042.jpg 2014-09-05_0040.jpg 2014-09-05_0039.jpg 2014-09-05_0044.jpg 2014-09-05_0045.jpg 2014-09-05_0046.jpg 2014-09-05_0047.jpg 2014-09-05_0048.jpg 2014-09-05_0052.jpg 2014-09-05_0049.jpg 2014-09-05_0050.jpg 2014-09-05_0051.jpg 2014-09-05_0066.jpg 2014-09-05_0053.jpg 2014-09-05_0054.jpg 2014-09-05_0055.jpg 2014-09-05_0056.jpg 2014-09-05_0057.jpg 2014-09-05_0058.jpg 2014-09-05_0059.jpg 2014-09-05_0060.jpg 2014-09-05_0061.jpg 2014-09-05_0062.jpg 2014-09-05_0063.jpg 2014-09-05_0065.jpg 2014-09-05_0064.jpg 2014-09-05_0067.jpg 2014-09-05_0068.jpg



Christmas Photo Booth

I'm a Christmas fanatic. Everything about it makes me wish it was a year round celebration! But, then again, that wouldn't make it quite as special. This past weekend I did a photobooth at Grace Community Church's youth group Christmas party, and it was an awesome time! I even got to jump in for a few photos. Enjoy, and Merry (early) Christmas! 2013-12-18_0001.jpg 2013-12-18_0002.jpg 2013-12-18_0003.jpg 2013-12-18_0006.jpg 2013-12-18_0007.jpg 2013-12-18_0009.jpg 2013-12-18_0008.jpg 2013-12-18_0010.jpg 2013-12-18_0011.jpg 2013-12-18_0012.jpg 2013-12-18_0014.jpg 2013-12-18_0015.jpg 2013-12-18_0013.jpg 2013-12-18_0016.jpg 2013-12-18_0017.jpg 2013-12-18_0018.jpg 2013-12-18_0005.jpg 2013-12-18_0004.jpg 2013-12-18_0019.jpg 2013-12-18_0020.jpg



Photographing People with a Purpose

I love photographing people. With it comes countless stories and connections. Sometimes, when I strike up a conversation with a stranger in Starbucks or at the Y, I find myself thinking "I would love to shoot a portrait of this person!" As odd as that might seem, I feel like it's part of what aids me in my love of photographing people. Everyone has a story, and everyone deserves to tell said story. And while lots of people love novels with page upon page of neverending text (don't get me wrong - I love them too!), I enjoy a book with a few photos thrown into the mix. It helps give whatever you're reading about a face (so to speak), and sometimes speaks more to what the author is trying to convey than an endless arrangement of carefully written text. As they say - a picture is worth a thousand words. So without further ado, meet a wonderful lady named Dot (who just so happens to be my boyfriend's grandma). Dot loves peanut butter cups and a good old cup of coffee. And for all the food she eats (once I saw her eat 6 cupcakes in one sitting), she somehow manages to stay petite! Here's a little bit of her story: A wedding photo. 2013-08-08_0009.jpg An old yearbook. 2013-08-08_0010.jpg 2013-08-08_0012.jpg 2013-08-08_0011.jpg A little glare on the glasses, but her look - priceless. 2013-08-08_0013.jpg