Valerie & Matt: NOAH's Event Venue Cranberry Township Wedding


Valerie & Matt: NOAH's Event Venue Cranberry Township Wedding

When two graphic designers decide to get married, you better believe it’s going to be one absolutely gorgeous celebration - and Val and Matt’s wedding did not disappoint (hence the detail overload that you’ll see below!! 🙈) Val and Matt’s day featured shades of emerald, hunter green, champagne, merlot, and touches of brighter pink with lots of florals alongside varied metals and industrial elements (including cement blocks and hand-poured cement hearts, made by the bride!). Their entire day took place at NOAH’S Event Venue in Cranberry Township, PA, which served as a lovely backdrop for their soft/romantic meets industrial vision.

Of course, being graphic designers, Val and Matt designed their invitations together, which was one of my favorite details of their day! Another favorite detail was their ceremony, which included a unique element that I hadn’t seen at a wedding ceremony before. Val and Matt had an “Oathing Stone Ceremony,” where they each held a stone in their hand while saying their vows. Originally practiced in Scotland, the Scottish believed that a vow given near a stone or water was more binding. Over the years, this ceremony has evolved from seeking out a stone or water to the wedding couple physically holding a stone in their hand while saying their vows. Some think this is where the saying “set in stone” originated from.

Val and Matt, thank you for the incredible honor of being a part of your wedding day. It’s so easy to see how much you two love each other, and how loved you are by your friends and family! Congratulations on a beautiful wedding day and on your marriage! 💛


Ceremony & Reception: NOAH’s Event Venue in Cranberry Township, PA

Florist: The Farmer’s Daughter

Cake: Bev at Tasty Bakery

DJ: Chad Burner & Brandon Flannery

Makeup: Antonette Medved

Hair: Katrine Cahill

Bride’s Gown: Exquisite Bride

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Menswear: Top Hat Tuxedo

Caterer: Bistro to Go

Ceremony Violin: Steve Vance Entertainment

Officiant: Weddings Without Worry

Rentals: All Occasions Party Rental

Photographer: Jenna Hidinger Photography


McConnell's Mill Family Photos


McConnell's Mill Family Photos

It was an honor to take these photos for this beautiful family! They braved the heat, humidity, and threat of rain looming on the horizon for these photos together, and it only started raining just as we finished up and started packing up our cars - which I am so thankful for! It was especially an honor to take photos for this family because Andrew & Mackenzie are also photographers in the Pittsburgh area - what an honor it is when another photographer trusts me with their memories!

Thank you both so much for the honor of documenting this beautiful time in your lives!


Cait & Brian: White Barn Wedding Photos


Cait & Brian: White Barn Wedding Photos

Cait and Brian met in high school and started dating in the summer of 2011, and this past June, they tied the knot at the White Barn in Prospect, PA - which will always hold a special place in my heart, since it’s where my husband and I got married in 2015! 💛

Cait and Brian’s wedding day featured lots of happy tears (as you’ll see in the photos below! 😭), and lots of sentimental details. For their overall theme, Cait and Brian decided on tropical decor, incorporating tropical leaves and greenery into the bouquets and centerpieces - and some of Brian’s Hawaiian relatives even brought them leis!

Their day was a total dream to be a part of! Cait and Brian, you are both so kind, so sweet, and we were so honored to capture the first day of the rest of your lives! Congratulations my friends!!!


Ceremony & Reception: The White Barn (Prospect, PA)

Videographer: Traveling Heart Productions

Florist: Bella Fiore by Selena Vargo-Hendrickson

Donuts: Oakmont Bakery

Cake: Alyssa Rosenwald

DJ: The A to Z Collection DJ Services

Makeup & Hair: The Pittsburgh Glam Team

Lashes: Luxury Lashes

Spray Tan: Bronze Beauty Spray Tan

Bride’s Dress: Lazaro at Bridal Beginning

Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Invitation Suite: Minted

Wax Seals on Invitation Suite: Artisaire

Caterer: Medure’s Catering

Signage: Oh Joyful Day!

Photo Booth: Pic Me!

Ceremony Music: Horizon Music Studio

Transportation: Star Limousine Shuttle Services


Quentin H: North Shore Senior Photos


Quentin H: North Shore Senior Photos

The day of Quentin’s senior session was one of the first sunny days we had had in a WHILE here in Pittsburgh, which made it the perfect day for his session!

I had the pleasure of photographing Quentin’s sister, Morgan (click here to see her photos!) in November of 2017, and let me tell you - that was a cold session! Temperatures dipped into the single digits (if I remember correctly!) and the only warm location at Hartwood Acres was the restroom! So… we ended up doing a few portraits in there against a white wall, just to give Morgan a break from the cold! Thankfully, Quentin’s session was just a bit warmer 😉 Sunny with a high of 75 isn’t too bad!

Quentin is going to be a senior at North Allegheny this fall! He wore his baseball jersey for the first part of the session, and the surrounding area of PNC park was the perfect location! Paired with a Pirates hat, glove, and baseball, we were able to tie in the sport he’s played since he was four. Congratulations on making it to your senior year, Quentin! You are going to do great things!


To Wear a Veil, or to Not Wear a Veil? These Photos Might Help You Decide!


To Wear a Veil, or to Not Wear a Veil? These Photos Might Help You Decide!

When it comes to veils, as a wedding photographer, they are one of my favorite accessories that a bride can wear! But on my own wedding day, I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to wear a veil.

Veils have been staple of bridal attire for a long period of time, but within the last decade they’ve become more and more of an optional choice. I love that brides whose aesthetic is not very veil-like can opt for a modern, sleek look without a veil, and to be honest? I LOVE photographing brides with AND without veils. But honestly - there are some wedding photos than can only be created with the magic of a veil! And today, I’m sharing some of my favorite wedding photos featuring my favorite bridal accessory: the veil!

But before we get into the photos, here are a few quick (and random!) things to keep in mind about veils:

  1. This blog post is in NO WAY meant to guilt anyone into wearing a veil! If you don’t want to wear a veil - then girl, don’t wear a veil! Go with YOUR style, and stick with what makes you comfortable!

  2. But if you are planning on wearing a veil, don’t forget to consider the length. You’ll notice that, throughout these photos, with a longer veil, we can do more things, because there’s more veil to play with! There are a few different ways we can get creative with short veils, too, but long veils give us a lot more to play with!

  3. Some veils are heavy, so if you go with a long veil… give it a test run before your wedding day! I once had a bride get a crazy migraine because her veil was too heavy, and I felt so bad!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, too! If you’re married, did you wear a veil for your wedding day? If you hope to be married someday… do you think you’ll wear one? Comment below and let me know!


Cassidy & Dylan: Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Wedding Photos


Cassidy & Dylan: Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Wedding Photos

Joy is the first word that comes to mind when I think back to Cassidy and Dylan’s wedding day at the beginning of June at Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. I would describe these two as joyful, genuine, and just… so in love!

Cassidy and Dylan met while they were both attending Slippery Rock University. They were engaged by November of 2018, where Dylan proposed on a mountain in Colorado! They love being outdoors together, which made the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden the perfect spot to celebrate the beginning of the next chapter of their relationship!

My favorite part of the entire wedding day (there were SO MANY favorite moments!) was when we were taking photos during golden hour (the hour before the sun sets) in a field at the Gardens. Cassidy started crying, and Dylan asked her what was wrong. She said “I’m just SO happy.” And they hugged. And then I turned into a giant puddle of tears, too! 😭 I don’t think it gets much better than that!

I could go on about these two for paragraphs upon paragraphs - their kindness, they authenticity, the way they both genuinely care for the people around them - but I think I need to let the photos to do the talking! So without further ado - check out some highlights from Cassidy and Dylan’s wedding day below! 💛

Congratulations, you two!!! We were SO honored to be a part of your wedding day!!!


Ceremony & Reception: Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

Videographer: Dorosh Documentaries

DJ: Joel Lindsey Entertainment

Cake: Signature Desserts

Bride’s Dress: One Enchanted Evening

Catering: Hazelnut Catering

Invitations: Etsy

Hair: Christy Lawrence at Anna's Salon Elite

Flowers: The Hayloft Floral

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Wedding Photographer: Jenna Hidinger Photography

*Special thanks to Taylor Dymond for second shooting!


4 Quick Tips for Avoiding Glasses Glare in Photos


4 Quick Tips for Avoiding Glasses Glare in Photos

Ever since I started wearing glasses daily a year and a half ago, I became much more conscious of how glasses photograph. The first pair of glasses I purchased had regular old lenses, which meant that they reflected everything around them – and the reflection was especially noticeable in photos (and made it so hard to drive at night!!). Glare on glasses has the ability to block the eyes (aka the windows to the soul ;) ), and when you’re getting your portrait taken… having clear, in focus eyes are definitely one of the most important pieces to the overall photo!

So, when it comes to your senior, engagement, wedding, and family photos, it’s important to be prepared in advance so the glare on your glasses can be reduced!



The reflection (or glare) that often happens on lenses comes from the light that’s being used to light the subject reflecting off of the lens. It may come from the sun, or a reflective building or sidewalk, or from an artificial reflector (i.e., a big shiny circle disc used to “bounce” light back onto a person’s face!).

Personally, I always use a reflector during my portraits sessions (and sometimes during my engagement sessions and weddings, too!) because it helps 1) light the eyes, 2) make the skin extra creamy, and 3), further illuminate my subject, causing them to “pop” a bit more off of the background. Because of this, I like to try and let my clients know ahead of time what their options are when it comes to reducing the glare on their lenses so that I can use my reflector to achieve the style that my clients have come to know, love, and expect!

If you wear glasses and are hoping to reduce lens glare, below are a few of my top tips and tricks!



1.     Opt for non-reflective lenses

If you want to wear glasses in your photos, one of the best things you can do happens when you buy your new frames: opt for non-reflective lenses. Non-reflective lenses greatly diminish the amount of glare in your glasses that can be caught on camera on a bright, sunny day!

2.     Pop out the glass of an old pair of frames

If you have an old pair of frames that you still love and want that glasses-look in your photos, consider popping out a pair of lenses on some old frames. That way, you’ll be able to have the look without the reflection!

3.     Ask your frames provider to borrow a sample pair

This tip came straight from some very smart clients of mine! I once had a groom who wanted to wear his glasses for his wedding photos, but realized that he did not have non-reflective lenses – so he went to the store where he bought his frames and asked if he could borrow a sample pair of glasses for his wedding day (did you know that most sample frames have non-reflective lenses?). They let him, and the photos turned out amazing! Whether you’re having engagement, wedding, senior, or family photos taken, this is a great option if you want the look of your own frames in your photos without a reflection!

4.     Wear contacts

My very last tip that you might want to consider: completely removing your glasses. If glasses aren’t that important to you, opt for wearing contacts instead, or simply take your glasses off!

That’s it for now, friends! If you’d like to hear some additional tips on what to wear for your photo session, feel free to leave a comment below!


Leah & Greg: Embassy Suites Downtown Pittsburgh Wedding Photos


Leah & Greg: Embassy Suites Downtown Pittsburgh Wedding Photos

It’s hard to know where to start with these two, and hard to explain what an honor being a part of this day was for us. The first time I met Leah and Greg at their initial meeting over two years before their wedding date, I knew that I had stumbled upon a gem of a couple. We spent the evening - two and a half hours, to be exact - at a coffee shop, talking about all things wedding, marriage, and DISNEY related (for those of you who might not know, my husband and I are huge Disney fans!), only to learn that Leah used to live in California within easy driving distance of a Disney Land (not to be confused with Disney World in Florida!).

Of course, our mutual love of Disney, along with their incredible kindness and hospitality, built the foundation for not just an amazing business to client relationship, but a friendship! 💛 And I’m so thankful that showing up on their wedding day felt like showing up to photograph a friend’s day (as many of our wedding days tend to feel like with couples we get to know beforehand - it’s such a blessing!).

Leah and Greg’s entire wedding day took place, from start to finish, at the Embassy Suites Downtown Pittsburgh, which has quickly become one of my favorite wedding venues in Pittsburgh! It’s fairly easy to get to, right across from Mellon Square, and in the heart of downtown.

As a true-blue (or should I say… black and gold?) Pittsburgh couple, Leah and Greg incorporated so many Pittsburgh-themed details into their wedding day, along with lots of details representative of the two of them! A few of my personal favorites included: Pittsburgh themed welcome bags for guests, mini Heinz Ketchup bottles as favors (big ketchup fan over here!!), a surprise visit from Iceburgh (the Pittsburgh Penguins mascot), Pittsburgh Popcorn at the reception, pierogies as a late night snack, and a mini remote control firetruck that acted as the “ring bearer” for the ceremony (totally adorable!).

Our evening with Leah and Greg ended with a walk to the Roberto Clemente bridge for some epic night photos in their most favorite city! And, truly - we couldn’t have asked for a better day! Leah and Greg, we are SO honored to know you both - it was such an honor to be a part of your day! We love you guys!

And without further ado - here are Leah and Greg’s wedding photos! 🎉