We met Lis and Naz nearly four years ago at a Pittsburgh wedding networking event - four years later, and they have become some of our dearest friends! Constantly encouraging, ever authentic, and always asking the tough questions that spur growth - these two are a pair to be reckoned with! ✨

Not only are they amazing people individually and an amazing couple collectively, but they are also absolutely INCREDIBLE wedding videographers (if you don’t believe me, just click here!). We teamed up during this session for a couple of mutually beneficial purposes and we were SO excited when the day finally came! We pushed through heavy downpours and a surprise country concert to create these images, and it was so totally worth it! 💛

I could type paragraph upon paragraph depicting all of the characteristics and traits we love about these two, but what it really comes down to is this: we just truly love them! Happy belated anniversary, Lis and Naz!!

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