Robbie and Jordan first met in 7th grade, when he proclaimed his "undying love" for Jordan in front of the entire class. After that, Jordan put Robbie in the friend-zone until 10th grade, when they finally started dating. This past Thanksgiving, Robbie asked Jordan to marry him in Venice, Italy, where they met up while were both studying abroad in Europe 💛

What's equally impressive about these two, along with their fairytale story, is their immense love for each other, and the joy they both radiate, inside and out. Love can be challenging, but they make it look easy, and that sort of love is the kind that comes from a different source outside of themselves.

Every couple who books with me gets a little questionnaire, so I can get to know the two of them and their relationship a little better before working together. There was one answer on Jordan and Robbie’s questionnaire that jumped right off my screen: Jordan’s biggest dream is to have a God-centered marriage, and to raise kids that love the Lord. I so admire you both, Jordan and Robbie, for so intentionally focusing on how your lives and your relationship will impact your legacy, and how your choices and actions will reverberate throughout eternity. I couldn’t be more excited and honored to be photographing your beautiful wedding day! 💛