I had the BEST time hanging out with this incredible family in Historic Harmony! Also, general PSA - feeding your children milkshakes before a photo shoot is definitely encouraged! 😉 But seriously - these kiddos had so much energy, which made our time together so much more fun!

When I first started photographing families, I used to struggle with photographing kids who had lots of energy… until I figured out how to use that energy to my advantage! One of my favorite things about photographing kids now is that they’re naturally moving allllll over the place. They want to move, laugh, talk, and giggle, so I love to lean into that with using some fun games and questions to get them laughing and having a good time. The less they feel forced to smile, the more fun they can have, and the more their natural smiles will come out! (But for any moms out there who might be reading this - don’t worry! I always make sure to get a few of everyone looking directly at the camera!)

Thank you for the incredible honor of taking these photos for you, Todd family! You all are such a blessing!