Just typing the title of this blog post makes me FEEL uncomfortable! 🙈 Almost no one hopes for rain on their wedding day, and sometimes it’s even hard to think about rain being a possibility – but if you live somewhere with crazy weather patterns (like Pittsburgh!) sometimes there will be a chance of rain or inclement weather.

If you’re a bride who has rain in the weather forecast for her wedding day, or a bride who’s afraid of having rain in the forecast for her wedding day, know that this blog post is for you. Know that there’s nothing I hope for more for my own brides than for their day to be beautiful, warm, and sunny.

But also know that what matters more than the rain itself is what you do with it, and the lens through which you choose to view the rain (or potential rain) on your wedding day.

Here are five things to remember if it rains on your wedding day:


 1.     You will still be married at the end of the day, even if it rains.

This might be the most cliché response to rain on a wedding day, but truly – this is the attitude you want to have if it rains on your wedding day. Even if it rains – you still get to marry your best friend. The rain doesn’t automatically nix the significance of that event – don’t let it steal the joy and anticipation that has been building over the months (or years) that you’ve spent waiting for this day to get here! You still have a lifetime of beautifully, sunny days ahead of you. So don’t let on rainy day ruin the significance of what’s taking place!

2.     You have the opportunity to get some really unique photos!

Couples are usually upset about the rain if they: 1) planned an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, and 2) were planning on having their photos taken outside. Which, trust me – I totally understand. I married my husband in an outdoor ceremony, so the thought of rain on our wedding day kind of made me want to cry. But when it came to my photos, I knew that we were in good hands. We hired a professional photographer who I knew could deliver… rain or shine. And I knew that she had tricks up her sleeve – and could deliver unique, beautiful photos, even in the case of rain, which was so important in keeping my peace of mind!

As a sort of side note, another way to have a little bit more peace of mind when it comes to weather on your wedding day is to hire a wedding planner or day of coordinator. That way, your wedding planner or coordinator can execute your rain plan without you having to worry about everything that needs to change!

3.     Umbrellas and rain boots will be your best friend, so make sure you have a ton on hand!

Don’t forget about the umbrellas! Your bridal party, family, and guests will be oh-so thankful if you have a bundle of umbrellas that can be used by everyone on the day of. And for you – don’t forget to bring a pair of rain boots, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your wedding shoes while running between locations!

4. You can always redo (or touch up) your hair and makeup.

Alright, for the ladies in the house, this one could be LIFE CHANGING. One of the main things us ladies worry about when it comes to our wedding day is paying money for hair and makeup, only to have it all wash off/out in the rain - right? Well, if it looks like it might rain on your wedding day.. bring some extra styling supplies with you! You can always touch up your hair or makeup if you’ve been out in the rain. I know it might not be the same as your hair stylist or makeup artist (those people are magicians!) but truly, it’s better than nothing. And chances are, even if you can’t replicate the same hair/makeup look yourself, you’ll have a bridesmaid with a talent for beauty!

5.     Your state of mind and attitude will set the tone for the rest of the wedding day.

This is a tough one to write, because I know that, as a bride, it’s a tough one to hear. You and your fiancé are the center of the celebration, so you set the tone for the wedding day, whether you realize it or not.

I learned this lesson early on in my wedding photography career, noting how the bride’s (and groom’s) words, actions, and reactions can shape the day not only for herself, but for the people around her. If the bride is having a major meltdown over something that went wrong, that reaction ripples throughout her wedding day – unless she can gain control of her emotions and remember what’s important. The same is true in the opposite way. If the bride is focused on what’s important and refuses to let anything diminish the significance of the day, others around her will pick up on her attitude and adopt the same.

One of my favorite examples of this comes from a wedding of mine in 2018. I worked with the sweetest couple who just had the worst luck when it came to weather. It rained for most of their engagement session. Then on the day of their bridal shower. And then, for the couple’s entire wedding day, it rained. There was barely even one moment where it stopped. I felt so terrible! And of course, there were moments of panic and tears – that is sometimes inevitable and unavoidable! But what I admire so much about this bride is how she and her new-husband made the very best out of it. They still had an amazing time, and even took advantage of the rain by going out in it for a few photos! I was totally in awe of their attitudes and unrelenting desire to move past the rain and remember what was really important: their marriage, each other, and their friends and family.

So if you’re thinking that rain might end up being a part of your wedding day… don’t let it dampen what’s truly important. The last thing you’ll want to do is look back on your wedding day and remember having a miserable time. This day is a day that happens once in a lifetime, so enjoy it, rain or shine!

And if you’re looking for more tips on how to deal with rain on your wedding day, check out this additional blog post for tips for how to manage rain when it comes to your photos!