When it comes to veils, as a wedding photographer, they are one of my favorite accessories that a bride can wear! But on my own wedding day, I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to wear a veil.

Veils have been staple of bridal attire for a long period of time, but within the last decade they’ve become more and more of an optional choice. I love that brides whose aesthetic is not very veil-like can opt for a modern, sleek look without a veil, and to be honest? I LOVE photographing brides with AND without veils. But honestly - there are some wedding photos than can only be created with the magic of a veil! And today, I’m sharing some of my favorite wedding photos featuring my favorite bridal accessory: the veil!

But before we get into the photos, here are a few quick (and random!) things to keep in mind about veils:

  1. This blog post is in NO WAY meant to guilt anyone into wearing a veil! If you don’t want to wear a veil - then girl, don’t wear a veil! Go with YOUR style, and stick with what makes you comfortable!

  2. But if you are planning on wearing a veil, don’t forget to consider the length. You’ll notice that, throughout these photos, with a longer veil, we can do more things, because there’s more veil to play with! There are a few different ways we can get creative with short veils, too, but long veils give us a lot more to play with!

  3. Some veils are heavy, so if you go with a long veil… give it a test run before your wedding day! I once had a bride get a crazy migraine because her veil was too heavy, and I felt so bad!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, too! If you’re married, did you wear a veil for your wedding day? If you hope to be married someday… do you think you’ll wear one? Comment below and let me know!