Have you ever met people that are just so instantly comfortable to be around?! Kristin and Brian are most definitely those people! Not only are they easy to be around, but they are incredibly gracious and kind! These two wanted warm weather photos, and if you live in Pittsburgh, you know that we had one of the longest reaching-into-spring winters in a while. So we pushed back their engagement session date once - then twice - and you know what they say - third time's a charm, and it was SO worth the wait!

We met up at Allegheny Commons Park on a chilly morning, but lucky for us, there were some pink blossom trees that were in bloom, which is exactly what Kristin had envisioned (along with lots of green!).

And if you can't tell how adorable and in-love these two are from their photos, listen to how they met: Brian was a teller at a bank, and Kristin was a server at Eat'n Park (a little over three years ago). Kristin would come into the bank to deposit her tips, which is how she met Brian. After she met him, she tried to purposely make sure she would end up going to his counter (doesn't it sound like something out of a movie?!) - and a short while after, they had their first date (on St. Patty's Day!) which included some Eat'n Park grub!

Besides being such fun and kind people, Kristin is actually an incredibly talented wedding and senior photographer herself (check out her work here!!). It is always such a HUGE honor when someone else in the industry trusts me with their precious memories!

Without further ado, check out a few (or, okay, a LOT ) of favorites from Kristin and Brian's session! Cannot wait to celebrate with you two next month!!