In the very first feature of this new blog segment titled “venue highlights,” I’m excited to introduce you to one of my favorite venues: Lingrow Farms! I’ve had the privilege to photograph two drop-dead-gorgeous weddings at Lingrow Farms, and I always walk away from Lingrow weddings so incredibly excited to go back!

In these venue highlights, I want to share some of my favorite attributes of each venue when it comes specifically to photos – mainly, why I love shooting there, how picturesque the venue is from a photographer’s point of view, and how rain could affect your wedding photos at each venue. My hope is to help viewers see the potential of each wedding venue I highlight specifically from a photography perspective so you can ensure that your photos will be gorgeous!


This category is self explanatory, because if you’ve ever seen photos from Lingrow Farms, it’s easy to see how gorgeous their venue really is! When it comes to taking photos there, everything is beautiful! From the getting ready locations (the Carriage House & Farm House) to the outdoor ceremony location in front of the pond (with horses in the background, of course!) to the rustic reception barn, to so many other locations in between – there is so much opportunity for gorgeous photography!

Rain Plan:

When choosing a wedding venue, it’s always important to consider a rain plan – for me, I always tend to consider: is it still possible to get beautiful photos at this venue in the case of inclement weather? And at Lingrow, it most certainly is! There are a few covered and indoor areas that would make it fairly easy to still get beautiful photos at this location. For instance: the carriage house, the covered outdoor wedding pavilion (usually the ceremony spot), the reception barn (there are overhangs that can be used to still get that natural light look!) as well as the farm house itself, with lots of beautiful nooks and crannies inside.

Other Mentionables:

When I was a bride back in August of 2015, one of the non negotiable items when choosing where to have our ceremony and reception was that everything had to happen on the same property. I wanted to get ready where my ceremony and reception would be because I had seen from photographing weddings how much more at ease my couples were when everything happened in the same place! No need to worry about driving from one place to the next, losing people in traffic or being late, because everything was right in the same place! That is yet another reason why I LOVE Lingrow Farms. The bride, groom, and entire bridal party can all get ready ON property, then just walk outside to the ceremony and into the barn for the reception. Talk about easy!

If you are a bride who is looking into Lingrow Farms as a potential wedding venue, I would love to chat with you more! Feel free to email me directly at with any questions you might have!