There are so many articles talking about what questions to ask your wedding vendor/photographer while you're meeting with them, but how are you supposed to know after you meet with them if they're the right fit for you?! I've put together a list of four questions you and your significant other should ask yourselves after meeting with a potential photographer that will help you vet if you're making the right decision!


1.     Do our personalities mesh well with our potential photographer? Can we imagine him/her following us around on our wedding day? (And do we feel comfortable with that?)

The reason: Do you really want someone following you around on one of the happiest/most important days of your life that you don't like?! As a former bride, I can tell you that one of the best decisions we made was to hire vendors who we actually enjoyed being around - especially our photographer. If you don't actually like the person you hire, you might end up feeling annoyed, frustrated, and aggravated on one of the very best days of your life - which means your friends and family will probably be aggravated, too. Do yourself a favor - hire someone you like being around!

2.     Do we like their photography style?

The reason: If you don't like their style, then they are probably not a great fit for you. Most photographers hone in and spend years mastering a particular style they like, from posing to editing, and an established and experienced wedding photographer will most likely not change their editing or shooting style for you. Find someone whose work you love right from the start!

3.     Did we see any photos that will be representative of our wedding?

The reason: If you're getting married in the winter in downtown Pittsburgh and you've only seen bright and sunny summer farm weddings from your photographer, you might want to ask to see more work that aligns with the timeframe and style of your wedding. It's important to know that your photographer can handle your type of wedding - not just one style that doesn't fit your time of year or venue!

4.     Does this person really care about us, or are they just trying to make a sale?

You can see them from a mile away - the vendor who is doing everything in their power to make the sale without actually caring about YOU. Interestingly enough, I saw this happening the other day in my local Starbucks. A couple with that just-engaged-glow sat down at a table next to me, talking about how excited they were to meet their potential photographer. I'm not one to listen in on conversations, but I had forgotten my ear buds that day and they were literally sitting a foot away from me.

In walks their photographer carrying an iPad and a large album. He plopped everything down on their tiny table said a quick "Hey, I'm _________. Look at some of my work while I order a drink." And then proceeded to take out his album, fling it in front of them, and walk away to order. Once he came back to the table, he gave a little speel about how awesome he was, how long he had been working, how many awards he had won, then gave them the pricing and mentioned how he had multiple other couples looking at the same date, so they better "act fast." Then, after pushing them to sign a contract, they signed and he left. The couple kept talking about how "he'll do, I guess," and then proceeded to leave the coffee shop.

I have no idea who this photographer was, but I was in DISBELIEF! I felt sorry for the couple, who hadn't actually gotten to share their story. I felt sorry for the photographer, who seemed more interested in showing off than caring about this sweet couple. Don't get me wrong - I don't think there's anything wrong with being confident in what you can produce, but should it come at the expense of actually loving on and caring for people?

Make sure you are asking questions and reflecting on each wedding photographer you meet with in relation to these questions and you're sure to choose the best photographer for you!