I have a confession: I disliked planning my own wedding. Granted, the year we got married I was finishing my last year of undergrad with a double major, working part-time, building a business, and holding down an internship (while I slowly drove myself insane). I thought planning would be all cookies and taste testings, but for someone who isn't the best decision-maker on the planet (raise your hand if you can relate 🙋) , wedding planning turned into a constant wearing down of my patience. One decision after another - flowers, seating charts, tuxes, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, hair, makeup - the list went on and on, and sometimes it felt completely endless. Maybe you're in the same boat.

I remember complaining about all of the decisions I had to someone, and then it struck me: the only decision that REALLY matters at all is the decision I've already made: to marry Nick. The toughest, most important one was already done. And somehow, that one realization brought so much peace into my life, not because it made any of the other decisions go away, but because it shrunk down the importance of any other decision I WOULD make from then on out when it came to anything wedding related.

So if you're a bride and you're in a similar season, remember: your choice of venue, direction of details, and even your appearance on the day of your wedding all pales in comparison to the man you've chosen to spend the rest of your life loving, serving, and respecting.

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