Let me paint you a picture: I show up to a the parking lot at McConnell’s Mill, and I see a car parked in the corner of the parking lot (mind you, I’m 20 minutes early to the session!). I see Leah and Greg step out of their car, and, as we walk closer to each other, I notice a gift bag and a cookie tin in Leah’s arms. And friends, this was no ordinary cookie tin - it was a cookie tin decorated to look like a llama - my favorite animal! Cue the tears. No - I’m not kidding. I literally teared up. Are you ever having one of those weeks, and then, out of nowhere, someone surprises you with some sort of kindness that you never EVER expected? That’s exactly what happened!

Inside that llama cookie tin were heaping piles of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever eaten in my LIFE. You might be thinking, oh, she’s exaggerating for the affect! Let me reassure you that I most certainly am not. I literally ate two during the shoot! 😍

But really, the tin, cookies, and llama water bottle (😭) are just the beginning with these two! I felt like I had known these two for years by the end of their engagement session. The kindness in their hearts was so evident, and really, I couldn’t be more excited to be working with these two to document their wedding day! (Also - Leah’s a Disney fanatic, so we get along just fine! 😉)

Leah and Greg, I am so thankful to know you two, and so thankful you chose me to capture this beautiful time in your lives! Thank you for the incredible honor! 💛

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