One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from fellow photographers (or those looking to get into photography) is “what’s in your bag?” I decided to finally write a series of blog posts detailing the current gear that I use because, when I was starting out, I knew how much it helped to know what gear those in the field found useful, because, let’s be honest – there is SO MUCH gear out there. How are you supposed to know what will work best for YOU and the type of photos you love to shoot?

So if you just so happen to be interested in the tools I use to create photos, you are in luck! Last but not least in the "What's in my Bag" series are my favorite random accessories!

Expo Disc (White Balance Filter)

This has become my new favorite accessory that I take with me everywhere! A white balance filter allows you to easily set a custom white balance for any lighting scenario – for example, in a church with  mixed lighting, etc. It has saved me from some pretty ugly lighting many a time this year!

Fotocreat 5 in 1 43” Reflector

I cannot go to any shoot or wedding without my little pop-up reflector! I find such a HUGE difference in my work, especially for senior portraits, when I use a reflector! It just adds that extra “pop” to images by bouncing light into people’s eyes. I would go as far as to say that consistently using a reflector has been the biggest game changer in my work. I love this reflector in particular because it has a handle, so I can use it on my own if need be!

Neewer 150x200 cm Reflector

Call me crazy, but I love my reflectors so much that I invested in TWO! I love having a larger reflector because, as you may be able to deduce, it reflects more light – I can easily use it for couples, bridal parties, or full-body senior shots. I typically need an assistant to help me with this one, though, which is the only downside!