Much of the work I do revolves around engagements, weddings, high school senior photos, and family photos (for holiday cards). All of these milestones are great reasons to have photos taken – but there are a few other milestones in addition to those mentioned previously that I would highly recommend hiring a photographer for:

1. Wedding Anniversary

Why: This one I can relate to the most because it’s the one Nick and I try to do every single year! Having photos taken for your wedding anniversary (whether it’s every year, every other year, or every five years!) lets you update the photos you’ll be leaving your children, grandchildren, and those who care about you someday as your legacy. Do you want the only beautiful photos you leave those who love you to be from your wedding day (when your kids didn’t even know you)? A wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion to splurge and update your photo collection!

2. Buying Your First Home

Why: Buying a home is a HUGE accomplishment, no matter who you are. Having photos taken of you and your spouse, or you and your family inside your first home is a wonderful way to commemorate all of the hard work that went into your purchase!

3. Birthday (for you or your child!)

Why: What better excuse for a photo shoot than a birthday?! One of my longest standing clients has birthday photos taken every year for her daughter’s birthday. She does an amazing job of pulling together unique props and outfits to make the photos special and different every single year – plus, she gets to see how her daughter has grown from the year before!

4. Pregnancy

Why: Pregnancy is a huge milestone in any relationship, and maternity photos are the perfect way for Mom-to-be to remember such a precious time in her life. Plus, it’s a great excuse for an expectant mother to pamper herself – nails, hair, makeup, a new dress, the whole nine yards!

5. Before/after a big move

Why: Consider this: you’ve grown up in one city for your entire life – you’ve gone to school there, fell in love there, said “I do” there – and now, you’re moving to a new place you’ve never been before, leaving your history behind you. Moving is the perfect excuse to commemorate the city you love in photos to remember your roots!

6. Graduating College

Why: When I was attending Robert Morris University, every senior was required to have a LinkedIn account, and we were all strongly encouraged to have a “professional looking” photo to represent us to potential employers. And a professional photo does just that – it gives a potential employer the best impression of who you are! (Read more in my article “Why You Should Have a Killer LinkedIn Headshot”)

Are there any other milestones you would add to the list?