If you follow any number of wedding photographers, you might've noticed a trend: wedding photographers love to put out a "best of" blog post at the end of the year, highlighting favorite photos of amazing couples, beautiful venues, stunning florals and personal details.  I LOVE "best of" blog posts, especially from other photographers, and as I was creating my annual "best of wedding photography" blog post, I came to a realization: I was including a TON of photos of dessert (what does this say about me? ;) ). Cakes, cookies (Pittsburgh cookie table, anyone?), candy, smores, pies - you name it, I love to photograph it. So in addition to an annual "best of wedding photos" blog post, I decided to create a "best of desserts, 2016" post highlighting all of the best cakes, cookie tables, and unique desserts my awesome couples incorporated into their weddings this year! ENJOY.