Kyle is a 2014 Seneca Valley senior, and we had an awesome time shooting his portraits this past week in the little town of Zelienople. He's a member of Seneca's ROTC program, and can hold himself up by his own strength parallel to the ground (see the last photo). Thanks for an awesome shoot, Kyle! 2014-05-09_0001.jpg 2014-05-09_0011.jpg 2014-05-09_0010.jpg 2014-05-09_0009.jpg 2014-05-09_0003.jpg 2014-05-09_0008.jpg 2014-05-09_0006.jpg 2014-05-09_0004.jpg 2014-05-09_0005.jpg 2014-05-09_0007.jpg

That's some serious strength, ladies and gents. 2014-05-09_0002.jpg